The Third International Symposium
on Ubiquitous Networking

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IoT Essentials Workshop


My full-day workshop consists of two parts. In the morning, we cover IoT technology from a value-centric perspective. This view prioritizes value creation and more fully explains the interconnectivity and dependencies between IoT system components. In the afternoon, we cover IoT business. This begins with how IoT deepens the customer relationship and then moves into the core of business: value creation and how to monetize that value using IoT business models. After finishing this workshop, students will understand the fundamentals needed to start developing their company’s IoT technology and strategy.

Morning Session: IoT Technologies

How the Internet of Things works so you can put it to work.
  • Big Picture and Architecture
  • Software-defined Product
    • Cyber model
    • Application
  • Hardware-defined Product
    • Embedded systems
    • Connected sensors/actuators
  • Network Fabric
    • Protocols, OT network, IT network, backhaul, fog, product cloud, the IoT Platform
  • External Systems
    • Analytics, external data services, business systems, other IoT products
  • Analytics on Big & Small Data
    • Descriptive, streaming, predictive and prescriptive analytics and more;
    • How it works.
  • Cyber Security & Risk Management
    • Threats and sources of liability;
    • Risk assessment;
    • Privacy.

Afternoon Session: IoT Business

How the Internet of Things transforms business.
  • Big Business Picture
  • The Changing Customer Relationship
    • From casual to intimate
    • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Creating Value with IoT
    • The four ways to create value with IoT
    • Value modeling
    • App requirements
    • Analytics requirements
  • Monetizing IoT Value
    • The IoT Business Model Continuum
    • Business model choices and examples
    • The business model as the feature
  • Getting Started
    • The IoT Business Plan
    • Development order and dependencies
    • Best practices

Special Session Chair

Bruce Sinclair started in the business of IoT in 2008 as CEO of a networking company that sold a platform product to Internet Service Providers providing connected home services. His career began as a mathematician and then programmer who quickly found his way to business through marketing. He worked his way through product marketing and brand management to be VP of Marketing for a large Microsoft subsidiary. Since then Bruce has been CEO of companies in the visual computing and IT industries.

Today Bruce is the publisher of and advises enterprises and IoT vendors on their IoT strategies. He also conducts workshops for managers and executives on how to build IoT businesses and product lines.

Bruce is well known and connected in the industry through his IoT podcast, video series and monthly meetup in the Silicon Valley and is a featured author for publications such as Computerworld, Forbes, Network World and ZDNet. He speaks publicly about IoT around the world and was the opening keynote speaker of the industry’s largest event: Internet of Things World 2016. His IoT business book will be published by McGraw-Hill in 2017. For more information go to his website,

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